Arranging a funeral yourself

There's a great deal to arrange when somebody dies. You will probably already have had to inform close friends and relatives, gather together the paperwork and register the death. You will still have decisions to make about the sort of funeral you would like. And all of this at a time when you still have to come to terms with what has happened.

You can arrange a funeral yourself but most people welcome the opportunity to pass on some of the responsibility to a funeral director who can look after your interests with care and sensitivity.

If you are considering arranging the funeral yourself, consult your family as they may be able to share some of the tasks that need completing. You'll find help and guidance throughout this site about the paperwork you will need and the people you will need to contact.

Even if you decide to enlist the help of a funeral director, there may still be some things you can do for yourself. Talk to your funeral director if there's a particular aspect of the preparations in which you would like to play a fuller role.
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