Pet Cemetery

Losing a pet can be as traumatic as losing a family member. A pet memorial service can be a helpful and comforting way to remember the life of your pet. You can choose to honour the memory of your beloved pet with a burial service or cremation service. Pet cemeteries usually offer full burial and cremation services.You will find a list of Pet Cemeteries in your area at the top of this page. Simply enter your postcode or town and you will be given a list of the nearest cemeteries.


Traditionally, many people have chosen to bury their pet on their property but more and more pet owners are opting for a burial service. Family members are able to say their final farewell before their pet is interred in a grave in a cemetery.You can choose a plot, casket and grave marker; pets are laid in a burial casket and buried in a final resting place. Owners can then bring flowers to place on the grave following the service of farewell.


Bereaved pet owners can choose to honour the memory of the pet with a dignified cremation. All domestic pets can be cremated.If you choose a simple cremation (where no ashes are returned), you will receive a certificate of cremation. The ashes of your pet may be interred in the Memorial Gardens or in your own garden. Ashes are placed in a casket and covered with a memorial plaque.


Many people purchase commemoration trees, shrubs and benches as a dedicated memorial to their pet. You may want to commission a unique sketch of your pet as a lasting dedication. Headstones and plaques can also be purchased as a permanent reminder of the pet for erection in the cemetery and for pets buried at home. Ashes are placed in a casket and covered with a memorial plaque. A memorial to your pet serves as a lasting testament to the bond that was shared between you.

Online memorialisation

There are a growing number of pet memorial websites enabling you to create a tribute to your pet in an online book of remembrance complete with music, pictures and contributions from other family members and friends. Some of the websites charge for entries, others are free – such as a Facebook dedication page – or charitable. A simple online search should provide you with a list of suitable website options.


Crematorium Costs

The cost of a cremation depends on the level of service you require and the size and type of pet. Your options include a same day cremation service where your pet is cremated immediately allowing you to collect your pet’s ashes later the same day or an attended cremation service where you can witness your pet being placed into the cremation chamber. The latter involves a slightly higher cost.Typically, the cost for a small pet is around £60. Individual cremations are more expensive, starting from £110 for cats and £120 for dogs, depending on the size.

Burial Costs

The cost of a funeral and burial is around £500. The cost of using a pet cemetery varies from £180-£350 with an additional annual charge for maintenance. Buying a fully-dressed coffin for a home burial costs around £115, with prices starting from £75 for a biodegradable eco coffin. Many pet funeral companies offer a prepayment plan, enabling you to pay in advance or in instalments. Most pet plans do not cover funeral costs so you many want to consider arranging a special policy.

Pet bereavement support

If you are struggling to come to terms with the loss of your pet or finding the grief too hard to bear, it may help to share your feelings with a support bereavement service. Sometimes just talking things through can be a cathartic experience. For more information, click here

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