Lasting Power of Attorney

What is a lasting power of attorney (LPA)?

An LPA is a legal document you create by completing a special form. It allows you to choose someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf when you no longer have the mental capacity to do so, or no longer wish to do so. Those decisions could be about your personal welfare, or your property and financial matters.

How do I create a LPA?

You create an LPA by completing a special form and registering it with the Office of the Public Guardian. You can complete the form at any time (see below for exceptions) but your LPA won't have any legal effect unless and until you register it.

Who cannot create a LPA?

  • To register an LPA you have to be 18 years of age or older.
  • You cannot make a joint LPA. Each person must register his or her own.

You cannot register an LPA on behalf of someone who has already lost the mental capacity to act for themselves. In such circumstances you can, however, apply to the Court of Protection to appoint you as deputy.

Help in creating your LPA


You can create a Lasting Power of Attorney yourself. You can request the appropriate forms and find out more information here: Making a Lasting Power of Attorney.
If you'd prefer, a solicitor will be able to advise you and complete your application for you.


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