The Ashes

For those opting for a cremation for their loved one, the final resting place of the deceased’s ashes can prove a difficult decision. Until recently it was most common to bury or scatter ashes, which limits family members to being able to visit only one memorial site. Fortunately today there are many other options which create a meaningful, lasting memorial to a loved one which can be kept close at all times.

Lasting memorials take many different forms, from cremation urns to ash keepsake jewellery, so you can be sure you can find an option to most perfectly reflect the deceased or the relationship you shared. Read on for our advice on unique and personal memorials to ensure the person you love is never forgotten.

Display ashes in the family home

The family home can be an ideal final resting place for a loved one, a special and private location with meaning. Many bereaved families find consolation and closeness in the presence of their loved one’s ashes. For this reason, many cremation urns are designed to be stunning features in the home or garden – beautiful pieces of art that keep memories alive. Retaining the ashes in an urn means that your loved one can remain with you, even if you move house. Shaw’s Funeral Products offer a range of beautiful urns that would complement any home as well as honour the life of a loved one.

Share between family members

You could consider sharing the ashes, or some of the ashes, between family members so that everyone can have a personal memento. Individuals can choose how to retain the ashes; whether they want them to be kept in a miniature keepsake urn or enclosed within the hidden chambers of beautiful ash keepsake jewellery.

Shaw’s miniature keepsake urns – which resemble paperweights in size and weight – allow cremated remains to be shared amongst relatives and are the perfect way of keeping the ashes discreetly.

Ash keepsake jewellery enables you to keep the ashes of that special person close to your heart (quite literally). Easily filled and sealed, pendants can hold cremains, a lock of hair or dried ceremonial flowers. Shaw’s Funeral Products offer a wide range of pendants to suit all ages and tastes.

Shaw’s Funeral Products, a division of Shaw & Sons Limited, supplies high quality remembrance items. Visit the website,, to view the extensive range of cremation urns and ash keepsake jewellery.

All items can be ordered via the website, or by telephoning 01322 621100. We understand that you may not personally wish to place your loved one’s ashes into your chosen remembrance item, so you may wish to use the services of your local funeral director.

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