Planning your funeral in advance

Many people consider what they would like at their funeral.  This may be whether they would prefer burial or cremation, which songs they would like to be plated, service location, etc. Your funeral may be influenced by your religion, family tradition or personal taste but we can ensure that your final wishes are fulfilled. 

Arranging your funeral in advance is not just for the terminally ill or elderly. Anybody can arrange their own funeral, even if they are young and in full health..  Although for some, planning a funeral can help the grieving process after losing a loved one, knowing that your wishes will be carried out and the cost is taken care of is a huge comfort. 

Whether you would like to plan every aspect of your funeral, or just make sure that your family does not have to worry about the cost, we can help you to be remembered as you would like to be. 

The easiest way to make your wishes clear is in your Last Will and Testament. To incorporate it into a will, you will first need to revoke any existing will that you have and write a new one; speak to your solicitor about writing or amending your will. It is important that your next of kin knows that you have a funeral plan, so you should take measures to make sure they will be informed.  This may be in person or it may be included in your will. If they do not know, they could arrange another funeral after you pass away which may not reflect your wishes and your money will have gone to waste.

Why pay for a funeral in advance?

To remove the cost of the funeral from your family.

To pay for your funeral at today's rate.

"I have life insurance, do I also need a funeral plan?"

  • Avoid giving your family the cost of your funeral; peace of mind for you and your family
  • Ensure that the money to pay for your funeral is available
  • Pay for your funeral at today's cost, not the ever rising costs of the future
  • A common question is why a funeral plan is necessary if you already have life insurance. Life insurance can give your family your policy's payout after you've passed away but this may not cover the cost of the service you would like due to inflation making funeral prices more and more expensive every year. Having a funeral plan means that your funeral will be paid for at the price agreed now, not the price that it will be in the future, with no difference to pay. It can be a great comfort for your family knowing that they do not have to find the funds to match this ever rising cost. Your funeral plan can also explain your personal choices in the way that life insurance cannot.

    Where can I get a prepaid funeral plan?

    Prepaid funeral plans can be arranged with specific funeral planning companies, funeral directors and some insurance companies. It is possible to arrange a plan on behalf of someone else without them knowing, with confidentiality ensured.

    Do I need to decide on a specific funeral director?

    When considering your plan, it is important to make sure that you have considered the following:
    • How long is the plan?
    • What if I change my mind?
    • Can I keep up with the payments?
    • Can I make changes to the plan?
    • Is everything I want included in the plan?
    • What happens to my money if the company stops trading?
    • What will happen if I should die before finishing paying for the plan?

    If you would like any further information, or would like to discuss your options on different plans, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can send you a brochure or discuss the many options with you over the phone, from set plans to bespoke.
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